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When you support A True Change, you join the circle that connects our community and keeps it strong.

Your donation ensures that high-risk youth and families elevate and thrive.

Your donation builds the foundation needed to ensure that high-risk youth and families thrive. It will allow us to assist our community with basic needs, financial stability, health improvement, independence, self-sufficiency and connect our neighbors to needed resources.


An elder can get a ride to the doctor or the store.
A single mom can get legal assistance to provide resolution in a dispute.
The couple next door can receive budget assistance to stabilize their finances.
A Student can participate in extracurricular activities because of a scholarship.
A local teen gets back on track.


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Team Change Catalyst is our group of core, committed monthly donors.

  • Monthly donors ensure we can provide immediate relief to at-risk families plagued with emergency situations without being forced to fundraise first. This can save lives.
  • Monthly giving ensures we can spend more time on strategic planning, training, and operation logistics; less on fundraising.
  • Simply put; it sustains our work. Team Change Catalyst supports the day to day work of A True Change and demonstrates an ongoing commitment to our mission.

The TCC members are given instant VIP status incentives and recognition for all programming, newsletters, and events.

Join now & cancel at anytime, pledge any amount; no amount is too large or too small! 

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